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Death Doulas & Death Positivity

Death Doulas serve people and their loved ones in a variety of roles by providing resources, education, and emotional and practical support around issues related to end of life and death. This might include helping to formulate advanced directives or burial arrangements, conducting a life review with a dying person, creating a legacy project to honor and memorialize someone's life, accompanying the dying through the final days of life, or working with family and friends after loved ones have died. Doulas work in harmony with palliative care and hospice services, but are not usually medical practitioners- i.e., they do not administer medication or medical care.


Death Doulas can serve in hospitals, hospice, shelters, or individuals' homes, and can meet in public or private settings as desired. It's really up to you! More importantly, working with a doula doesn't require a diagnosis or prognosis, since end of life discussions and planning are best started as early as possible. Death doulas serve all people, regardless of spiritual, religious or cultural backgrounds. Although generally agnostic, doula work can easily incorporate elements important to your spiritual or cultural identity. Each of us will have unique end of life wishes as well as our own set of related practices and beliefs, and doula services are always tailored to the needs of the individual.

Portland Area End of Life Doula Services: