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Death With Dignity & End of Life Option Act (EOLA)


Death With Dignity- also known as physician-assisted dying or Medical Aid In Dying (MAID)- is a controversial topic in the United States. Some believe that this is a human rights issue: that a terminally ill person should have the right to end their own life rather than being forced to experience suffering.  A handful of US states offer this choice to mentally competent adults who have been given 6 months or less to live with a terminal illness, and there are safeguards in place to prevent abuse or misuse of this option. At Better Deaths, we support whatever choice you make for yourself when it comes to death planning. A personal account of MAID may be useful in decision making.


The state of Oregon allows certain terminally ill individuals to legally request and obtain from their physician medications to hasten their death and end their life in a humane and dignified manner. **People who are not Oregon residents can also use Medical Aid In Dying in Oregon- provided that their prescriber practices in Oregon and the medication is taken in Oregon.**

Please note that not everyone is eligible for Medical Aid In Dying under the current structure of the law. Final Exit Network helps to support those who cannot obtain life-ending medications via Oregon's current laws.