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Green Burial Options

Environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional embalming or cremation are becoming increasingly available. These might include:

  • Foregoing embalming to prevent toxic chemicals from getting into soil and groundwater
  • Refusing to use a cemetery vault or choosing a concrete grave box with an open bottom instead of a closed vault
  • Selecting a biodegradable unfinished wooden casket, cardboard casket, urn, or shroud for burial

Although cremation is less toxic than embalming, it still has a significant carbon footprint. Some new alternatives to traditional cremation are being developed, including:

The Green Burial Council site has a great array of links to green burial providers and products, and is an independent, nonprofit organization working to encourage environmentally sustainable death care and the use of burial as a new means of protecting natural areas. Here's a link to their FAQ page.


Green burial services for the Portland area:

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